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We specialize in safes and vaults.

Exolock, Inc. offers security checks for your home, villa or apartment, done by one of our trained and certified security experts. They will identify problem areas and suggest the proper security solutions. We not only recommend what you may need for your security, we also do the installations.

Exolock, Inc. has a variety of door hardware (hinges, hasps, door stops, wall bumpers, door closers, mail slots, handles, patio door locks, door viewers, etc.) We have cam locks in a variety of styles and sizes, from 7/16” to 1 ¾” for use on mail boxes, desks, wood and metal cabinets, etc. Come visit our showroom and experience the excellent service of our experienced employees as you view the variety of fancy entrance handle sets, knob locks, lever sets, deadbolt, etc. In finishes like brushed chrome, brass, antique brass, stainless steel and others.


We provide quick, reliable
professional security check


Repair damaged metal and wood doors

Exolock, Inc. has in stock and installs door re-enforcers and scratch plates to repair doors for a fraction of the price it would cost to replace it with a new one.


Latch protectors

We also carry a great variety of latch protectors used to cover the gap in between the door and frame to discourage and prevent forceful entrees.


Key Convenience

At Exolock, Inc. we can also key your entire home to a single key for convenience, this includes padlocks, gate locks, knob locks, etc. We also offer master key systems with restricted and high security locks where it may be required. For more information on master key systems and restricted and high security systems please go to the business or industry area of our web page.